Food Sensitivities in Tabouli

Food Sensitivities in Tabouli

Food Sensitivities in Tabouli .

I grew up eating tabouli and loving every bite of it, except for the fact that I would get heartburn and a stomach ache after eating it. I never thought twice about it and definitely did not stop eating it. After learning more about food sensitivities and having the MRT (mediator release test) done I found out that I have a food sensitivity to onions, tomatoes, and wheat which are all key ingredients in tabouli. After the initial shock of finding that out, I decided to challenge myself by making a version of tabouli that I could tolerate. I used the following substitutions: red bell pepper (instead of tomato); quinoa (instead of bulgar wheat); and leeks (instead of onions).
Although I still make it the traditional way for my family (the photo I posted), I always make a smaller “inflammation-free” version of it for myself so I can enjoy it with them.

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