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Sally’s LEAP Therapy Testimonial

We are glad to share Sally’s LEAP therapy experience, and we are happy to know that she lost weight, feeling fit, and changed into a healthy lifestyle.

“I am so glad that the MRT Food Sensitivity test is available and I was able to find out about it with my Registered Dietitian Christine Bou Sleiman. It helped me identify the foods that were triggering my everyday life struggles with various symptoms.
I was struggling with migraines, bloating, acid reflux, insomnia, and gaining weight. After doing MRT and working with Christine to design LEAP dietary changes based on my results I am feeling great! The most important thing is that I got my period which I usually wait every 3 months to get. I have more energy than I ever had before and I feel lighter every day. It completely changed the quality of my life. The first month I dropped 12.6 pounds which gave me more motivation to keep going on and stick to these changes for a healthier selfie. It is well worth the effort!”

Sally M.

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