Food Sensitivities Experience by Lisa

Food Sensitivities Experience by Lisa

Food Sensitivities, LEAP Diet Experience – Testimonial by Lisa

 Here’s another successful testimonial for one of my clients. Lisa suffered from food sensitivities and it affected her mood, her energy, and her overall wellness.
“I had the pleasure of working with Christine to deal with my stomach issues along with some other symptoms that I have been suffering with for some time. I have always struggled with digestion issues depending on what I would eat. I didn’t know what foods were causing stomach cramping, multiple trips to the restroom daily, anxiety, irritability, and anxiousness.
Christine and I worked together with the LEAP diet program and narrowed down the foods that were causing me to have discomfort and inflammation in my body. The plan is definitely not easy but well worth it.
I started having extra energy by the third day on the program. I was sleeping throughout the night and not waking up exhausted. I would wake up rested and refreshed. My trips to the restroom were reduced substantially. The aches and pains that I was having daily had reduced and eventually went away. I know this was due to all the inflammation in my body from the reactive foods I had been previously consuming. My anxiety and irritability reduced almost completely. Overall, I could feel a difference right away.
It is amazing how your body responds when you start putting foods in the right foods for your body that are safe and non-inflammatory.
I highly recommend the LEAP program to anyone and everyone who has dealt with any sort of stomach issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, muscle aches…the list goes on. In the first week of being on this program and sticking to the plan, I lost 10lbs on the program. I know it was from all the inflammation going on in my body. I was shocked and felt amazing. I never thought that I could feel this good so quickly. I am so grateful that my friend referred me to Christine and her team. This program has forever changed my life and my health. Thank you again Christine for all your help and guidance on this program.”
Lisa M.

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