LEAP Diet Testimonial by Luis S.

LEAP Diet Testimonial by Luis S.

Luis S. LEAP Diet Testimonial

I have to be honest, the first 10 day phase of the LEAP diet has been challenging with not being able to eat a lot of things I’m used to eating, however, the way I feel is absolutely life changing. I can’t remember ever feeling this good. The honest truth is when we started this I was weighing 265 lbs. Today I stepped on the scale at 247 lbs. I haven’t messed up on my plan at all. And don’t really ever feel tempted to unless it is absolutely right next to me.

Overall the journey has been amazing. I no longer feel sleepy all day, my sinuses have cleared up, I don’t have any more gas or bloating, and my rosy cheeks have improved. I used to cough a lot and blow my nose every morning after my shower and my wife is the one that actually noticed I no longer do that.

I just wanted to share this feedback with you and let you know I’m excited and ready for the next phase.

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