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Sarah’s LEAP Diet Testimonial

Since working with Christine and following the LEAP diet, I have seen a difference in my appetite. I have less cravings, if any, and find myself eating just enough for energy.

My new outlook is “eat to live, not live to eat“. The healthy foods that I hadn’t tried before, I ended up liking and found that they filled me up even when I ate less. I feel like my stomach has gotten smaller. Although weight loss was not my primary concern, I’ve lost a few pounds and wear a smaller pant size now.

I have seen great improvement in my digestive symptom, and I am more regular now. I’ve even noticed a small improvement in my skin, since I now use skin care that does not contain the chemicals I am sensitive to. The program has helped me take more pride in what I put in my body.

My results and decrease in symptoms motivate me not to cheat.

This program helped me try new foods which led me to cook more.

I highly recommend working with Christine if you are ready for a healthy change.

To find out more about food sensitivities, call (844) 314-1432 or by email This is a chance for us to get to know each other. We will evaluate your needs and goals, while I will guide you on the right track. I can work one-on-one in person, by phone or video chat for out-of-area clients.


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