Food Sensitivities Testimonial by Jennifer

Food Sensitivities Testimonial by Jennifer

Food Sensitivities, LEAP Diet Experience – Testimonial by Jennifer

Receiving positive feedback is always so gratifying to me as a Dietitian. But even better is the opportunity to share their experience and help others who suffer from food sensitivities. Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer.
I’m sure your experience will be an inspiration to others.
“Changing my eating habits to be healthy was really hard for me, I tried all kinds of diets but none of them were working for me. It wasn’t until I began having this weird inflammation and started feeling this awful pain in my left shoulder every time I tried to lift my arm that I decided to take my health seriously. It was so painful that I even needed help changing my clothes. I went to see my doctor and he advised me to go to therapy, but it didn’t really help, in fact, it only got worse. I could hardly move my shoulder! After doing some research, I learned that certain foods can cause inflammation to our bodies.
I met up with Christine Bou Sleiman, a Nutritionist and LEAP therapist, who explained to me which foods were safe for me. I’m been in the LEAP program since March 31, 2017 under Christine’s care.
In just the first 10 days I began to see and feel the results. I have now fully recovered and my inflammation has subsided.
Not to mention, I feel much healthier, have more energy and even lost 10 lbs. in the span of 10 days.
Now, it has been two months and I have lost a total of 17 lbs. I love how Christine genuinely cares and is incredibly supportive. And when I have a question or forget something she always responds to me right away. Thank you so much, Christine!”
Jennifer A.

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